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While analyzing and collecting cyber threats data from 500 Million internet devices over the 30 years, the award-winning antivirus McAfee has maintained a robust and advance global threat intelligence network to secure your internet devices against Malware, spyware, Cyber Threats, and unwanted cyber-attacks. McAfee security is equipped with analytics, cloud security, SIEM, and machine learning to protect, detect, and restrict the cyber-attacks.

McAfee Cloud security facilitates control and monitoring over the database in a cloud providing accelerated business pace, and McAfee Endpoint security feature ensures complete device protection from ransomware, zero-day threats, file-less attacks, and other advance cyber threats. Its Intelligent security solutions empower your internet device for the detection and abolition of even sensitive cyber threats.

With award-winning internet security, McAfee Total Protection protects you and your complete family against spyware, malware, ransomware, and the latest cyber threats. McAfee Total Protection, McAfee’s award-winning antivirus provides a wide range of cybersecurity features to protect the privacy and identity of your devices. McAfee Total Protection is the best antivirus solution for families with a wide range of devices. It provides a complete cybersecurity solution for Windows, Mac, tablets, and mobiles. With a single McAfee Total Protection subscription maximum up to ten different internet devices can be protected with full cybersecurity, without any slow-down.

McAfee LiveSafe empowers you with the award-winning antivirus protection by safeguarding your computers, mobile devices, and even your online identity and privacy. McAfee LiveSafe leads in the wide range of antivirus solutions with its blend of antivirus security, privacy, safety, and cyber threat detection and correction tools and features. It protects you from all kinds of cyber threats. McAfee LiveSafe covers various features like secure VPN built of bank-grade encryption, Mobile Security for both Android and IOS devices and cross-device protection for your laptops and PCs, Safe Family Feature, Vulnerability Scanner, Anti-spam to remove junk mail, Password Manager, Web Advisor to browse, PC Optimization, Web Boost to browse without interruption, App Boost, Shredder to delete sensitive files, QuickClean to remove unwanted files, and File Lock to lock your sensitive files.

McAfee Mobile Security safeguards your mobile devices (Android and IOS both) and personal data from advanced cyber threats, insecure networks, and malicious apps. With the advanced VPN privacy protection and safe web browsing feature, you can use public wi-fi hotspots, surf on the internet and do online banking with full confidence. McAfee Mobile Security ensures comprehensive protection against malware, viruses, spyware and other detrimental digital enemies in cyberspace. You can place your sensitive apps under lock protection, so that nobody can access them except you.

McAfee Cybersecurity solutions, detect the most advance sophisticated cyber-attacks and protects your sensitive files. It deletes cookies, and other invisible digital foot-prints that contain sensitive information about you on the internet. For McAfee auto-renewal function, it uses a secure VPN with a high standard of encryption to protect your device’s location, credentials, and other bank card information.

So, it’s time to enjoy internet surfing with full confidence, with the robust and advanced real-time antivirus software protection of McAfee.